Founded in 2016, Creature Comforts Designs is the creative outlet of Sarah Braverman. Featuring both patterns for knitters and wooly goods, Creature Comforts offers something warm and cozy for everyone!


Sarah's Story

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sarah is a fourth generation knitter who learned the craft from her mother. Sarah grew up surrounded by creative folks. Her mother, in addition to being a prolific knitter, is an avid baker. Her father is a fierce supporter of the arts and of sustaining access to the arts in public schools. Her brother is a percussionist and plays a vast array of instruments. Sarah soaks up all of this creative energy like a sponge and channels all of these good vibes (music pun intended!) into what makes her heart sing: knitting.

Creature Comforts Designs is Sarah's platform to try her hand at designing original knitting patterns and creating handmade, one-of-a-kind knitted goods. Sarah has explored various knitting techniques, yarns, garments, and accessories since her fiber journey began in 2011. She doesn't plan to stop anytime soon!

Sarah holds a BA in English and a minor in Dance from the University of Delaware. In addition to knitting and participating in as many artistic opportunities as she can, Sarah's "day job" is working behind the scenes for arts nonprofits. She is currently pursing her MS in Arts Administration at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Find the wooly goodness!

Creature Comforts goods are available for purchase at:


  • O-Wool has partnered with Creature Comforts, enabling Sarah to produce goods made of eco-friendly and organic yarns.
  • Kristen Tynan, fiber artist, designed the Creature Comforts logo. See more of her work here.